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Ms Costey is the Chief, Plans and Integration Branch, Directorate of Operations and Communications, Air Education and Training Command, Joint Base San Antonio, Randolph TX.  The division is responsible for strategic planning and the effective and efficient delivery of learning services information systems to support force development objectives for the Department of the Air Force.  The Plans and Integration Branch is responsible for Department of the Air Force Learning Services (DAF LS) customer outreach through the Force Development Gateway, customer engagement, policies/agreements/governance, requirements management, cost analysis/IGCEs, business processes and continual process improvement, and technology coaching.  Using SAFe Agile Development Methodology, Ms Costey leads a small team of professionals who perform requirements intake, requirements management, product owner and product manager functions for current and future capability systems in the division portfolio which currently consists of myLearning, myTraining, Digital University, Tech Training Management System and AETC Decision Support System, supporting education, training and development to more than 800K learning services professionals, leadership and Total Force Airmen.   
Ms Costey grew up in North Stonington, Connecticut. She was commissioned in 1991 through the Reserve Officer Training Corps at the University of Connecticut. In July 1998, Ms Costey transferred from active duty to the USAF Reserves and served the next 18 years as a Traditional Reservist, Air Reserve Technician, Individual Mobilization Augmentee and supported various full-time active duty tours.  Throughout her career, she has served in a variety of logistics, communication, executive support, wing plans, personnel/manpower, support group leadership and cyber positions as a military member and as a civilian employee, scaling from base level to major headquarters command level.
Prior to assuming her current position, Ms Costey was the Flight Director (GS14, 2210), for the Operations Flight, Computer Systems Squadron at Air Education & Training Command (AETC), Randolph AFB TX.  She worked directly with AETC/A3G to support the transition from the legacy Advanced Distributive Learning System (ADLS) to the new myLearning platform and played a key role in the decommissioning of ADLS while focusing on policies, processes and procedures for the Tier 1 service desk support function for the myLearning transition and continuity of operations. She managed the Tier 0/1 service desk support, technical engineering system expertise and operational support for several AETC Mission Systems.     
1998 M.A. Organizational Leadership and Design - Chapman University (Orange CA)
1991 B.A. in Communication Science - University of Connecticut (Storrs CT) – 1991
2022 SAFe Agile Development Product Owner Certification; Nov 22
2022 Certified Authorization Professional; course completion; Aug 22
2019 Civilian Developmental Education completion - Academic Year 2019, Civilian Leadership Course
2019 SAF-sponsored Leading Effectively Through Change program completion; Apr 19
2013 Info System Security Manager Training Course – in residence - Lackland AFB TX
2012 Civilian Personnel Management Course – online
2012 Contract Oversight Rep Initial Training – online
2011 Cyber300 – in residence - Wright Patterson AFB OH
2010 Force Support Squadron Transition Course
2010 Cyber X Course – online - 2010
2006 Air Command and Staff College – online
2004 Scope Eagle Graduate – in residence – Keesler AFB MS
1997 Squadron Officer School – in residence – Keesler AFB MS
1992 Information Management Basic Officer Course – in residence – Keesler AFB MS
1. November 1991, Executive Officer, 3751st Field Training Group, Sheppard Air Force Base TX.
2. September 1992, Chief of Protocol, 82d Training Wing, Sheppard Air Force Base TX.
3. November 1993, Executive Officer, 39th Logistics Group, Incirlik Air Base, Turkey.
4. October 1995, Squadron Section Commander, 602d Aircraft Generation Sq, Travis Air Force Base CA.
5. September 1997, Chief of Protocol, 60th Air Mobility Wing, Travis Air Force Base CA.
6. September 1998, Executive Officer, 932d Airlift Wing, Scott Air Force Base IL.
7. October 2000, Wing Performance Planner, 932d Airlift Wing, Scott Air Force Base IL.
8. July 2001, Wing Executive Officer, 459th Airlift Wing, Andrews Air Force Base MD.
9. September 2003, Deputy Commander, 459th Mission Support Group, Andrews Air Force Base MD.
10. September 2004, Wing Plans & Programs Officer, 38th Combat Support Wg, Ramstein AB, Germany.
11. July 2005, Commander, 52nd Mission Support Squadron, Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany.  
12. August 2006, Military Personnel Flt Cdr, 459th Air Refueling Wing, Andrews Air Force Base MD.
13. July 2007, Executive Officer, 459th Mission Support Group, Andrews Air Force Base MD.
14. May 2008, Commander, 459th Communications Flight, Andrews Air Force Base MD.
15. June 2009, Deputy Division Chief, Personnel Support Division, Air Force Intelligence Surveillance   
      Reconnaissance Agency, Lackland AFB TX. (GG-14 – 0301)
16. February 2010, Chief, DoD Intelligence Information System Cross Domain Management Office,
      25th AF, Joint Base San Antonio, Lackland AFB TX. (GG-14/2210)
17. May 2010, Personnel and Manpower Support Officer, HQ CYBERCOM/J12, Ft Meade MD.
18. May 2011, Deputy Director, Joint Cyber Reserve Unit Air Force Element, Ft Meade MD.
19. October 2013, Board President, Informal and Formal Physical Evaluation Board, Air Force Personnel
      Center, Joint Base San Antonio, Randolph AFB TX.
20. May 2017, Chief, Cyberspace Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance Program Management
      Branch, Joint Base San Antonio, Lackland
AFB TX. (GG-14/2210)
21. May 2018, Director, 616th Air Communications Squadron, Special Missions Flight, Joint Base
      San Antonio, Lackland AFB TX.  (GG-14/0301)
22. January 2021, Director, Operations Flight, Computer Systems Squadron, Joint Base San Antonio,
      Randolph AFB TX.  (GS-14/2210)
23. January 2022, Chief, Plans and Integration Branch, Air Education and Training Command, Joint Base
      San Antonio, Randolph AFB TX. (GS-14/0301)
AETC (Cat 3) Civilian of the Year for 2020
Civilian (Cat 3) of the Year for 2019 (16 AF Directorate; 625 ACOMS)
Joint Meritorious Service Medal, Oct 2013
Meritorious Service Medal, Apr 2016 (5 OLCs)
Air Force Commendation Medal (2 OLCs)
Air Force Achievement Medal
ACC/A2 Coin Recognition and Recipient – Feb 2018
AF ISR Agency/A6 Quarterly Award Winner – Civ Supervisor Cat II, Dec 2011
Special Act or Service Award (SASA), Apr 2011
Air Mobility Command Outstanding Contribution to Public Affairs Program, 2000
CGO of the Year for 1996 (60 AMW, Travis AFB CA)