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What we do

As the FD Gateway secretariat responsible for establishing all governance procedure process operations. Specific policies and duties include: (1) Serves as the initial point of entry for enterprise core learning services requirements, (2) Provides admins The FD Gateway secretariat is responsible for establishing all governance procedure process operations. Specific policies and duties include: (1) Serves as the initial point of entry for enterprise core learning services requirements, (2) Provides administrative support (e.g., soliciting inputs, compiling briefs, etc.) to the DB and DRG, and schedules governance meetings for the DB and DRG, (3) Ensures submissions for new enterprise core learning services capabilities are forwarded to the appropriate FDGC for assessment and technical solutioning as required, and (4) Drafts and coordinates agendas and meeting minutes with the DB and DRG chairpersons.  

FD Gateway Governance Workflow Process

Initiate - Prioritize FDMRs and clarify a shared and measurable set of expectations for FDMRs with customer and FD Divisions.
Plan - Assist customers and collaborate with FD Divisions to develop a roadmap to resolve FDMRs.
Execute - Engage FD Divisions and customers through consistent and shared accountability.
Close - Measure success and continuously improve process.

Submission Form

Click here to download the submission form.
*Note if information contained in the submission requires encryption (PII or CUI) please use proper encryption levels.


Is the FD Gateway HQ AETC’s Requirements Oversight Committee (ROC)? The FD Gateway will not replace any current AETC processes, but will assist requestors by referring them to, and/or walking them through the existing AETC processes.
Is there a limit to how many FD Gateways requests I can make? There are no limits to how many valid requests an individual can make to the FD Gateway.
Is there a process flow on how a submission is processed that I can download or have emailed To receive a copy of the process flow for FD requests, send inquiries to: 
What are the requirements for, and format I should use when submitting a request to the FD Gateway? The FD Gateway request form provides the requirements for, and format to use, for an FD request. You can obtain the form at However, the request must have a 0-6 or GS-15 sponsor if additional requirements like funding are required.
What is Force Development? A deliberate process of preparing Airmen with the required competencies to meet the challenges of current and future operating environments. Foundational competency development generally results in leadership, management, and warrior ethos proficiency.  Occupational competency development generally results in technical skill proficiency.
What is process FD funding when submitting an FD request through the Gateway? Send inquiry to: so a POC can talk to you about FD funding.
What is the expected turnaround time once my request has been submitted to the FD Gateway? Each request will be processes as expeditiously as possible. However, because the Gateway is relativity new not enough requests have been submitted to capture the data required to provide customers with turnaround time for requests.  Eventually, a dashboard will be used so customers can track their requests.
What is the FD Gateway, and why was it implemented? The Force Development Gateway serves as the designated entry point for AF FD mission requests.  The FD Gateway educates stakeholders about and advises stakeholders how to engage AETC FD services and assistance.  The FD Gateway aggregates division-level reports to provide life-cycle visibility of FD requests.  The FD Gateway identifies additional FD coordination required to work requests, and participates in FD requirements/acquisition working groups. THE FD Gateway works closely with the functional requirement owner (customer) who owns all requirements, processes, decision criteria, etc., related to executing the FD Gateway mission request to meet mission needs.
What is the name of the LMS AETC uses? myLearning
What kind of requests should go through the FD Gateway? A request within the recruit, train, educate, or experiential learning functional/mission areas. (Some examples are requests for the AF Learning Service Ecosystem (AFLSE) services or access, Airman Learning record (ALR), credentialing, certification, developmental special education (DSE), assessment systems/processes, competency development, or other learning services.) 
What platforms does myLearning operate on? Cloud One
Where can I find information on the Gateway? You can find FD Gateway information on the AF portal or A3L HQ AETC A3/6 SharePoint site.
Where is the form located to submit a request to the Gateway? The form to submit a request to the FD Gateway is located on the AF Portal and AETC SharePoint. Click the FD Gateway link on the AF Portal (under “AF Information”), AETC webpage (under “Unique to Us”), or AETC SharePoint (under “AETC Featured”). These links will take you to the AETC FD page and the FD Gateway information is on the left side above our Weekly Activity Reports. An FD Gateway Submission form is located there as well as a link to the FD Gateway e-mail box.
Who are the point of contacts (POCs) for Gateway requests? You can contact anyone from HQ AETC/A3LD about FD Gateway requests via email at or call 210-652-8067, 2469 or DSN 487-8067, 2469.
Who do I contact if I need help with occupational competencies? For help with occupational competencies, you can contact the competencies division directly or process your request for help through the FD Gateway via completing the FD Gateway form.
Who do I talk to about FD funding? To talk about the process for requesting FD funding, please send an inquiry to the FD Gateway at:
Who must you go through to change career development courses (CDCs) from paper to digital? The FD Gateway form must be completed so your request to transfer from paper to digital can be processed through the required AETC corporate processes. However, you will need to contact 2AF before submitting the request as they must be in the loop for funding as well as the POC for working with an ITU for creation of the digital CDC.
Why does a new requirement need to be vetted through the FD Gateway? HQ AETC needs a single, unified office to lead management of, and processes, to execute FD mission requests. This office is responsible for ensuring the requester receives a timely and accurate response for their FD Gateway submission.
Why does an FD request need to be sponsored by someone at the 0-6/GS-15 or above level? An FD request only needs to be sponsored by someone at the 0-6/GS-15 or above level if your request requires resources funding or manpower.  This will show your request has been vetted through your chain of command before submission.
Will I be able to see/view if a similar request has already been submitted to the FD Gateway? The FD Gateway is currently working to develop a dashboard to provide visibility of historical and current FD gateway requests.
Will I be assigned a specific POC to communicate with once my submission is accepted Yes, depending on the complexity of the request you will be assigned at least one POC to assist as your FD request is routed through the request process.