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myLearning adds digital badging generation and publishing capabilities

  • Published
  • By Dan Hawkins
  • Air Education and Training Command Public Affairs

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas – To facilitate Airmen and Guardians development across the Total Force, Air Education and Training Command officials continue to incorporate digital age technology in the learning ecosystem and upgrade the mission capabilities of myLearning’s innovative, online platform.

Among the platform's most unique features is its digital badging capabilities, which are user-friendly and can contain detailed information on the skills and knowledge the Airmen or Guardian has acquired.

“Digital badges are a modern version of traditional rewards and recognition for achievements, skills, or competencies earned by learners in either formal or non-formal learning environments,” said Floyd McKinney, DAF Learning Services division chief. “Through myLearning’s recently enabled digital badging capabilities, Airmen and Guardians can earn and display badges signifying their achievements, skills, or competencies, which can be used to demonstrate their ability to commanders and career field managers.”

The myLearning digital badging capabilities provide a range of benefits to both learners and organizations, McKinney said.  

“First, they offer a personalized and engaging way to incentivize learners, promote learning, and foster a sense of accomplishment,” McKinney said. “In fact, Airmen and Guardians who earn digital badges are more likely to improve their skills and knowledge, acquire new competencies, and keep learning.”

The HQ AETC/A3G team recently partnered with the Air Force Personnel Center to issue a digital badge for Human Resource (HR) professionals who complete the “HR 101” course and all myLearning users automatically receive a digital badge when they complete Force Protection 2022 training, McKinney said.

Moreover, myLearning's digital badging capabilities provide a way for commanders to track learners' progress and assess their learning outcomes and mission readiness.

“Course owners or career field managers can also design badges aligned with their training and development objectives, supporting their talent development strategies,” McKinney said. “myLearning’s digital badges can show, for example, competencies achieved, a level of proficiency, or successful completion of a challenging project, allowing Airmen and Guardians to showcase their skills and knowledge.”  

Additionally, unit training managers can track the use of badges to track readiness requirements.

“In the fast-changing and ever-evolving workplace, the Air Force must focus on developing the best talent,” McKinney said. “myLearning's digital badging capabilities provide a straightforward and intuitive way to recognize, incentivize, and promote learning, helping organizations stay ahead. Digital badges prove that Airmen and Guardians have acquired competencies, opening doors to new opportunities, and securing our competitive edge.”

If you’re interested in learning more about myLearning’s digital badging capabilities, contact HQ AETC/A3G at

The myLearning platform enables 21st Century student learning, automation and reporting for Airmen and Guardians, including the ability to complete training off the DoD network through a username and password capability.