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What is DAF Learning Services?

DAF Learning Services are the innovative learning services technologies needed to enhance education and training and mission readiness across the DAF.  It enables the DAF to deliver ready, relevant learning services, which are available and integrated with talent management to deliver the Airmen and Guardians needed to compete and win in the future.
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My Learning

myLearning underpins AETC’s Digital Learning Services Architecture (DLSA) by providing modern, secure, cloud-based, environment hosting an integrated capability stack, amplifying each respective component to deliver the right training, anytime, anywhere, and on any device.  myLearning delivers Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) content through ready to use operational capabilities that all MAJCOMs can leverage to enhance mission readiness and airman development.
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My Training

The myTraining system provides the capability through 21st Century learning tools to manage the training lifecycle for Total Force personnel. myTraining was designed by the AETC Learning Services Division to enhance productivity, efficiency, and mission effectiveness and upward reporting to other services to share data needed for joint mission accomplishment.  

Digital University

Digital University, a joint venture started between the US Air Force and Space Force and available to members of the DoD, provides anytime access to Silicon Valley accredited technology training & fosters a community of learners for tomorrow’s warfighter.  
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TTMS provides a suite of web-based services primarily to manage trainees and students through basic military training and technical training, which is used by ~13K users for accessions, trainee/student management, testing, feedback/surveys, and reporting for ~145K trainees/students annually.
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ADSS provides data-oriented decision support capabilities that facilitate trend analysis and pipeline optimization through the presentation of decision-ready training data in multiple formats and provides critical visibility into the health and performance of the flying training and enlisted technical training pipelines.  ADSS is comprised of modern, commercial off the shelf software solutions utilizing an up-to-date virtual operating environment.  
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xACT is the heart of AETC's learning data analytics ecosystem and changes the way we think about enterprise learning data.  xACT stores data about learning experiences from a range of connected sources in a modern Learning Record Store.  xACT enables the visualization of critical learning data in real-time dashboards, which are driven by analytics that go much deeper than reports and allow you to discover actionable insights that inform significant command decisions.

DAF Learning Services Updates

Learners, please see QRG 913. Course self-reset is "Enabled" by default. We highly recommend Course Owners refer to QRG 912, prior to making any "Course reset settings" changes. Please see QRG 910 for guidance on the Advanced Completion Report. 

All training resources, including Quick Reference Guides (QRGs), are now available in the myLearning Information and Resources course found in the myLearning Familiarization course category.  

The myLearning Service Desk has updated their ticketing system. The new system, Service Now, requires that users register for an account, which will allow new ticket submissions as well as tracking tickets created in Service Now.  Service Now Click Here!

Cyber Awareness 2023 is now available. Learners who are in the process of completing Cyber Awareness 2022 will have until 17 Jan 2023 to complete. 


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